Oh, hello. My name is Logan. What’s yours?

That was a joke. Please refrain from speaking until I’ve finished introducing my website.

Recently it has been reported that plants may be growing in Ohio. I am not aware of any confirmed sightings and frankly I remain skeptical. I’ve enrolled in a course called “Ohio Plants” in order to separate fact from fiction and to determine whether or not I should be concerned as an Ohio citizen.

If you’re still reading this it mean’s you’re worried too. That’s good. Before we dive in there are a few things you should know about me.

I’ve maintained a largely inexplicable interest in plants since high school, and I’m currently studying Evolution and Ecology at an Ohio State University. Physiological ecology may be of particular interest to me, and I’m eager to explore physiological quirks among different plant lineages and their effects from the cellular level “outward”.

It’s my hope that this course, and this website, will serve as a valuable teaching tool for both myself and the legions of online shoppers whose fingers slip while they’re scouring the web for a comfy new pair of Ohio pants.

It is imperative that we identify and describe Ohio plants as we encounter them in order to determine the scope of their invasion and expose whatever evils they may be plotting. Humanity has worked for centuries to combat biodiversity and ecosystem health, and if it weren’t for plants our goal would have been accomplished long ago. It’s time to turn the tides once and for all, and step one is knowing the enemy.

Ha! Ohio plants, indeed. Not in my backyard!